Last chance to get your Coaching Spot for 2018!


A huge part of being an entrepreneur (or human at all) is to choose your roads and directions with a high level of consciousness, and don´t be afraid to try and act on those choices. And my business is going in a great direction and I´ve concluded to quit as a Business Coach. 

Yeah, well, temporarily during 2018 at least.

But I´ve taken the choice to focus even more on my mission in life, and that means I´ll have to minimize some of my current services/works to maximize other parts in my business and to develop and deepen it even more.

Therefore, I´ll only have very limited Business Coaching Spots, that will only be available to book latest during August. And after that, I will (temporarily) close the coaching for new clients.

Photo: Viktoria Davidsson


Although, there will always be exceptions; I don´t like to be too strict in my mind and business.

I will be available to book as your coach if you send me a good motivation for why I should open a spot for you, after August.

Although, keep in mind that I´ll be extremely selective in those applications since I´ve taken the choice of not put my focus to be coaching as my main service for the (at least) rest of the year 2018 (except my current coaching clients and those who book me latest during August).

My focus and new services

I´ll soon be launching something new and amazing!

It´s a part of me and my company to inspire and help you to become your very best, and bring out your potential, live happy and successful, and to develop yourself and your business/career.

On top of this, I will give a lot more focus on mine and Malin Hammar-Blomwall´s new business network – Beyond The Limits, and make it as warm and exclusive as we want it to be – even more!


I am excited to shine up, even more, my details, my focus, and direction, and to inspire you to go after your passion and dream even more!



With this said:

Remember that if you want or need me to be your motivational and Business Coach, this is the last chance for a long time that you can book me to develop you and your business with coaching, strategies, and guidance!

More about the Business Coaching Online you can read here (text only available in Swedish for the moment, but I can give coaching in Swedish or English – no problem!).


I wish you a beautiful evening and week!
Yasmin Casaca


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